Pilgrim Celebrates 102nd Anniversart
Pilgrim Celebrates 102nd Anniversart

TeleHelp 24/7

Faith-Based Counseling


  • TeleHelp 24/7 is a virtual healthcare company specifically designed to cater to the mental healthcare and wellness needs of black and brown communities  


  • As the name implies,TeleHelp 24/7 provides their services 24 hours a day 7 days a week.


  • TeleHelp 24/7 provides what is known as “Culturally Competent Mental Healthcare” which means their doctors, counselors and practitioners are particularly sensitive to the cultural differences and operate with sensitivity and understanding of diverse communities.


  • TeleHelp 24/7’s network of providers is also culturally responsive and operate with evidence-based data through digitally advanced platforms 


  • TeleHelp 24/7 has 4 Divisions - Student, Faith-based, First Responders and Personal


  1. FAITH-BASED TeleHelp 24/7 – This is the special partnership that the church falls under that works with us to provide free services to members of our congregation


  1. STUDENT TeleHelp 24/7 – A special segment of services that works with colleges and universities to provide mental healthcare services to students. TeleHelp 24/7 has a specially designed virtual app to help young people have easy and round-the-clock access to help them deal with everyday issues and beyond. 



  1. FIRST RESPONDERS TeleHelp 24/7 – An amazing extension that provides much needed mental healthcare support and services to the front-line workers in need, especially during this time



  1. PERSONAL TeleHelp 24/7 – Specially created for individuals and businesses who need supplemental help and support to cope with your job, family, and daily activities


To learn more about TeleHelp 24/7 go to www.telehelp247.org

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